Thomas Fiddler Memorial Schools

School Profile

Thomas Fiddler Memorial Elementary School and High School has a student population of 600, with classes from Kindergarten to grade 10. The elementary school has 23 classrooms and the high school has 11 classes. Facilities in both schools include a gym, tech shop, computer lab, and home economics class.
A native language immersion program is offered until grade 4, then students can continue to study Oji-Cree until high school. The school is a bustling community with an active elder program to promote the values of respect and caring. Teach for Canada is one of the partners who support Sandy Lake Education:
                                                                                                                                                                                 (picture from NDL Construction website)

Vision & Mission

Sandy Lake First Nation in partnership with parents and guardians ensures that all students be provided with a high quality education which empowers them to be self-sufficient, life-long learners and responsible community and family members.

The students are taught to respect, practice and take pride in our Anishinabe cultural, spiritual and linguistic values as given to us by the Creator.

We strongly believe in offering a program that promotes healthy development in all aspects by creating a warm, loving, safe, positive and fun environment.

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Sandy Lake Board of Education

Urgent Message

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis; school is being held with a mix of Virtual learning, homework packages and limited attendance basis following strict health and safety protocols. 

The current webpage is a step to reach out to the homes of our students and families during this difficult time. Our administration has been exploring online options to provide students and parents with support and resources to help with at home learning. We hope you enjoy the website!

As the current situation is rapidly changing; when information becomes available it will be shared with our students, parents, and community.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Posted by: School Principals