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Learning Resources and Supports for Students and Parents

The following supports are provided to support students with at home learning. However, the school staff recognize that not all students have equal access to at home internet and laptops or electronic learning devices. At this time students will not be penalized if they do not have the means to engage in learning on-line.

The information provided is to assist and support those who currently have access to the necessary supports for learning on line. We will be exploring further on-line service delivery methods over the next several weeks.

In addition, please feel free to explore the web pages provided by the Ontario Department of Education.

The Ministry of Education webpage includes links to the following which support the Ontario Curriculum :

  : For Kindergarten to Grade 2

: For Kindergarten to Grade 6; Award-winning, advertising-free videos, games and content that supports the                                           Ontario curriculum.

TVO Kids also has YouTube Channels dedicated to STEM and literacy programs as follows:

  • Science and Technology
    Supports the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 core science curriculum. Kids can learn from fun science experiments – and even try some of them at home.
  • Mathematics
    Supports the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 core curriculum. Kids can learn math in a way that is intriguing and fun!
  • Language
    Join in an imaginative world where learning language is paramount. View any of the specially chosen videos on this YouTube channel and witness the growth of language skills and the love of reading.

  ; For Kindergarten to Grade 6; Free, award-winning online games that support the mastery of math concepts and bolster understanding of STEM and the social sciences. Boost foundational math skills and inspire a love of math. Sign up can easily be done by a parent. With a free account, students can track their progress in the games. Check out a sample preview of mPower.

  : For Grades 6 to 10; Free, one-on-one online support provided by Ontario Certified Teachers, is available to help students improve their math skills. Now accessible Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm, and Sunday from 3:30pm to 9pm. Build math understanding and confidence with the help of a math tutor!

Learning Resources for Secondary students (all learning resources below are from the Ontario Elearning website including graphics):

Get activities and resources for high school students to use at home to supplement their learning.

High School Courses – Keep up with studies

For Grades 9 to 12: Students can review, refresh and extend their learning. During this time of school closure, teacher-facilitated online courses are being temporarily adapted to allow for independent study; you can begin exploring the website when you like and work at your own pace!

Explore the following courses below or visit




Supports for Parents, guardians or caregivers (information provided by Ontario Ministry of Education webpage)

 School Mental Health Ontario (PDF)

For Grades 4 to 12; Access free tips and resources to help support student mental health during the                                                       COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are for students, educators, parents and families.

 A parent's guide to literacy and mathematics in Kindergarten (PDF)

For Kindergarten: Learn how Kindergarten is designed to give your child a stronger start in school and in life by providing an engaging learning program that is based on a child's natural desire to play. Children enter school capable, competent and ready to learn.

Reading and writing with your child (PDF)

For Kindergarten to Grade 6; Practical information and easy, fun activities to help you support your child with reading and writing at home.

Doing mathematics with your child (PDF); For Kindergarten to Grade 6
Find tips and activities to help keep your child thinking about math all year.

A parent's guide to the fundamentals of math (PDF)

For Grades 1 to 8; Make sure students have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of math to help prepare them for success, now and in the future. What students learn today will help them solve everyday problems and prepare them for the future of work.


Welcome back to our webpage! The staff of Thomas Fiddler Memorial Schools are working hard to provide both virtual and in-person class cohorts to students following all pandemic safety protocols! Please visit our Daily Schedule tab to see lists of days students can attend school in person! Have a great day!

Urgent Message

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis; school is being held with a mix of Virtual learning, homework packages and limited attendance basis following strict health and safety protocols. 

The current webpage is a step to reach out to the homes of our students and families during this difficult time. Our administration has been exploring online options to provide students and parents with support and resources to help with at home learning. We hope you enjoy the website!

As the current situation is rapidly changing; when information becomes available it will be shared with our students, parents, and community.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Posted by: School Principals

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